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Combat Music with Music

In my attempt to make this project more exciting, and infusing my interest with making music, me and a friend decided to record a song with the idea that maybe we could combat the negative messages that adolescents are receiving using our own music that has positive messages ingrained within. With this idea in mind we went to work and this is what resulted from our 6 hour studio session. Hope you enjoy!



Hello world!

One day in my Sociology of Gender class, my professor said that this assignment was our chance to make a difference in the world. That is when I started day dreaming, thinking, “yeah right, what am I going to change?” Then I thought, about music like I usually do. I had a line from a song stuck in my head, it was something like “I don’t like chicks in singles, I like my chicks in twos.” Then it hit me, where do I get most of my ideas from? What am I learning from the music that I am listening to? How long have these messages been altering my cognitive pattern of how I think about the women of the world. So I decided I’d try to stop these messages from reaching the malleable individuals that are soon going to be running this country of ours. I will admit, I had no clue how I would stop these artists from producing the music that they know and get loads of money from, so I decided I’d take a different approach. I decided I would target the parents and guardians of these adolescents. So here I am, with this plea to those parents that may not know exactly what their children are listening to. Take a listen, filter the messages, and lets try to stop these messages from harboring into these kids before they plant themselves and become present in the teens behavior. We don’t have to do it all at once, just start small, but this is your call to action…

Make the Change.